C. T. StuddC. T. Studd, the son of a wealthy indigo-planter, was an excellent cricket player and at the age of nineteen was captain of the team at Eton. In 1883, Studd heard Dwight L. Moody speak. His soul was stirred and immediately, he began to tell others about Christ. Two years later, he sailed for China to join Hudson Taylor and served the Lord. When he turned twenty-five he inherited a large sum of money. While reading the Bible and praying, he felt convinced he should give his fortune away to show the world that he relied not on money but on a living Lord.

Ill health forced him and his wife, Priscilla Livingstone Stewart to return to England, where they turned over their property to the China Inland Mission. Studd and his wife toured the world to raise funds for missions. While touring southern India he found a climate suitable for him and his wife. He served six years, as Pastor, in Ooty, and afterward returned to England.

Later, out of his concern for Africa Studd was led to set up the Heart of Africa Mission. In 1931, still laboring for the Lord in Africa at the age of seventy, Charles Studd died, but his vision for China, India and Africa had expanded to reach the whole unevangelized world. C. T. Studd’s answer to critics who said he went overboard in his zeal was simple. “If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him.”


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